How are you?

Great, and you?



Lies. We all know that greetings nowadays mean “I’m just saying hi to acknowledge you and go along my way”. But if we don’t greet others, it’ll come off as a negative gesture.

But why? Why lie? Why can’t we tell the individual how we really are doing? Is it the long explanation we will have to do if we tell them the truth? Or is it that we don’t trust the other individual? Or even better…why ask others how they are doing, when you don’t care for their response back?

I’ve come across some individuals who will ask me how I’m doing, but when I ask them back, they don’t even respond. It’s like an automatic greeting people do. But how many of us sometimes have people ask us how we are doing, and so badly we want to tell them but are scared to express our emotions? That if we really express those feelings in that moment, we come off as completely vulnerable to that individual.

…but who really cares? If we express our feelings in that moment, doesn’t it relinquish us from that moment of pain we are feeling? Or relinquishing us of the possibility that no one can relate? Expressing how we feel is part of recovering from pain, stress, and even increasing our own happiness. I may not be a statistician but I’m pretty sure 99.9% of us feel better just by expressing how we feel even by a little.

So I’m here to tell you, it is okay to tell the truth next time someone greets you. And it is okay to express in that moment of time how you really are feeling. Because you aren’t just being vulnerable to the other individual, but you are expressing and relinquishing that feeling in order to become a stronger you. Embracing your emotions and expressing it, is for you and no one else.

And out in this world, there may be someone who needs someone to truly ask them “how are you?” so they can feel that they are cared for in this busy world of ours. And when we take the time to really greet someone, we can change the person’s perspective for the day, or even for that moment, and that pure genuineness within that greeting can continue to another person and so on and so forth.

So today, next time you greet someone, be true to yourself and to that person. Be genuine, be caring, and allow positive changes in your life to happen as you continue to create positive changes in others through these greetings.

Now I ask you,

How are you really doing today?




Author: alongcameshe

A 20-something year old trying to find the words to express the realest of the real when it comes to her rawest emotions in life. From experiences to life lessons to things she's passionate to, she experiments with her creative side by blogging her moments in life. As along her life came, along came she.

5 thoughts on “Greetings”

  1. I’m doing good today. It’s so nice of you to ask. I usually try to ask people how they are doing when I talk to them on the phone or in a simple conversation. But it’s true sometimes you don’t get a real response from some people who are afraid to share their real emotions and maybe it’s just because they think you don’t really care or something. It’s an interesting conversation topic though and a good way to start out a conversation. So how are you today? I have just recently started my blog and would greatly appreciate it if you would check it out and give me a follow. Either way thank you for your inspirational writings. Hope to read more.


  2. My day wasn’t a very easy one but after reading this I do feel happy. I feel so because I realised that there are people in this world who do care and are eager to be true to themselves and to others.
    You’ve chosen a really great thought to express yourself and honestly you’ve done justice.
    It’s true that many of us just greet each other just for the sake of it, very few people actually mean it. I seriously get annoyed when I wish someone and I don’t get an honest reply. Such acts kill the innocence of our thoughts.
    The truth isnt expressed because we don’t feel secure of our coinhabitants. Which is a shame, unfortunately!
    It’s certainly not impossible to be honest with our expressions!
    Thanks for sharing and have a great day!😊😊😊

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    1. I’m so sorry to hear that you didn’t have an easy day, but know that there will be a better day ahead! Just stay positive! You’re doing a great job striving in life! Remember that 🙂

      And I’m really glad you enjoyed my post! It is a shame that we don’t feel comfortable expressing even the littlest things. Hopefully one by one we can change that starting with me and you!

      Thanks for reading! Your posts are awesome, very interesting. I love the one about India! Very passionate. I hope you have great day yourself! ☺️

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