To The One Who Is Heartbroken

You gave your all to the one who never deserved it. You trusted that person thinking they would never hurt you the way they did. Yet, they didn’t care like you did. They didn’t put you first like you did with them. And I bet they would walk away again if they had the chance without any hesitation. 

Which is why you deserve freedom. 
You deserve happiness. And that happiness can only be found walking away and freeing yourself from the guilt of “what ifs”. 

And the moment you do that, you’re able to feel and know what you deserve. The moment you are able to let go, is the moment when you become free. 

But it takes time. 

And I want you to know that time is okay. It is okay to take as long as you want to heal no matter what people say. Because when that time comes, you’ll be glad you were patient with yourself. It takes time to grow, to heal and to mend the broken pieces of your past.

It’s not easy and don’t let anyone tell you it is. Don’t suppress your feelings. 



              Get angry or frustrated.

But don’t unpack there.

 There is hope for a new chapter. There is hope that this too shall pass. There is hope where you will have a fresh start again and one day be truly happy without the one who never deserved you. 

So hold on, even if you only have a little bit of strength left. Because you are stronger than you know.  And one day, you’ll see that. And when you do, you’ll finally feel free. 

Author: alongcameshe

A 20-something year old trying to find the words to express the realest of the real when it comes to her rawest emotions in life. From experiences to life lessons to things she's passionate to, she experiments with her creative side by blogging her moments in life. As along her life came, along came she.

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