She was that crack of light in that dark presence. The one everyone hoped to feel, everyone hoped to be.

Her resilience was never gone, for there was always enough. Always enough to come back, always enough to stay unbreakable. Her laugh was the sound of pure joy – happiness at its finest.

Her presence had the effect of chills going down every spine. Her walk had purpose in every step and elegance in every stride.

She was the dream of every man, and every woman’s dream of becoming. Her passion and motivation moved those around her.  Her simplicity was one that brought beauty out of her.

But no one understood, that beneath all the perfect smiles, her beautifully distinguished laugh, her glowing face..there was that struggle that tore her down every night.

The struggle of her fighting her own demons, emotionally destructing herself internally as she was always told she wasn’t good enough.

She would never be good enough.

And she looks at those around her who look up to her, and never sees what they see, but only what she sees.

So she continues to smile, hiding her demons away so that not one person sees. For she’s afraid that if they do, they would start to believe what she views herself.

Author: alongcameshe

A 20-something year old trying to find the words to express the realest of the real when it comes to her rawest emotions in life. From experiences to life lessons to things she's passionate to, she experiments with her creative side by blogging her moments in life. As along her life came, along came she.

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