Regrets (Do Better, Part VI)

“What’s got you all chippery today? Huhhh?” As Marie knudges my arm. She leans in to look at me even more as we sit at our favorite Mexican dinner place downtown.

“What are you even talking about Marie? I’m always this chippery!” as I flash a fake smile to her.

“Yeah, OKAY…you talk to Tristian or something?”

“Dang Marie! Can I not be this happy? Like…I’m always – ”

“Jasmine. Seriously? You’re going to act like this after knowing you for majority of your life. Cut to the chase and tell me!! Excuse me sir!” Marie raises her finger to the waiter. The waiter walks over to our booth. “Yes? What can I get you?” As he pulls out a pen and paper.

“Can I order a sangria for me, and one margarita for her. On the rocks? With sugar.” Marie always knew what to get me. Especially what to get me when she wants me to talk. I chuckle to myself as she looks at me with a curious face as to why I just chuckled.

The waiter smiled at Marie while putting his pen and paper away. “You got it. I’ll be out with it shortly.”

Marie flashes a smile back at him, and watches him as he walks away. Then looks back at me with a raised eyebrow. I already knew what that look was for – checking out the waiter. I slightly shake my head and look out the window to the street.

“Alright, tell me now. Before I take your phone and figure out what’s going on. You know I know the passcode to that fancy iphone of yours!”

“Alright ALRIGHT…I met a guy today..”

“I KNEW you weren’t chippery for nothing! Deeeeets! Because ya girl is all ears!”

I chuckled and proceeded to tell Marie about this morning. About everything. How I thought about when Tristian first asked me to be his girlfriend, to when I met Jacob. Even when I fell.

“Oh my gosh, you fell?? Well…that’s cute. At least he helped you up. I would have just laughed.”

“Shut up Marie, if you saw a fine guy, like our waiter you were checking out just a second ago – you would tell me you wouldn’t help him out if he just randomly fell down just now?”

“Well’s the difference” Marie chuckled. “…You fell sitting down. I wouldn’t know how to help someone who does that.”

“Whatever” as I lift up my hand to her face.

“So…did you get his number?”

“What? Noooo. I was running late to work.”

“Are you kidding me Jasmine?? After allllll of this, you couldn’t even ask for his number?” Marie puts her palm to her forehead.  Our waiter soon enough comes back with both of our drinks in hand. I take a sip. Hm. Not a bad margarita. “He could have asked for mine.” I shrug.

“He probably was about to until you ran off! You’re not cinderella with a shoe that fell off. How is he gonna freaking find you?”

“I don’t know. Well whatever, maybe I’ll run into him eventually.”

Or maybe I wouldn’t. Maybe that was the problem. I was so caught up in Tristian coming over a few weeks ago that I’ve forgotten how to even talk to people..or even talk to guys when they approach me.

After dinner, we decided to head over across the street to buy a gift for Marie’s mom for her birthday party coming up this weekend. The store complex had several stores including a gym we were walking past.

“Ugh I need to get my butt back in the gym. I haven’t been in MONTHS!” Marie said as she grabbed her small stomach.

“Oh whatever Marie. You’re still fit. I don’t even know what you would work out.”

“Jasmine – do you see my arms?” Marie lifts her arms and tries to jiggle some of the bottom of her arm. “I need to stop eating so much carbs because this is where I’m getting all this -”

“SHH SHH! Marie!!” I loudly whisper, as I grab her from moving forward. Omg. Omg. Out of all places, how do I see Jacob here at the gym?!

“What?? What?!?” Marie says as she looks around us paranoid. “Why did you stop us?!” She whispers. “What are we looking at???”

“Okay..okay..don’t stare because I know that’s how you do. Just briefly look. There’s Jacob. Running on the treadmill closest to that staircase master.”

Jacob had a different outfit on this time – still just as suiting. A grey hoodie, with some dark green shorts.

“Oh good Heavens Jasmine…no wonder you were all chippery this morning.” Marie then proceeds to smack me on the shoulder.

“OW! What was that for?!”

“That’s for not being smart enough to get his number! Are you kidding me?! I thought I taught you better!!”

“Jasmine?” I hear someone else calling my name from behind. And I knew exactly whose voice that was. I freeze with eyes wide open. I grab Marie’s hand. “Omg this can’t be happening..tell me this isn’t happening…”

“Oh it’s happening alright” as both Marie and I turn around and see Tristian walking towards us.

“Hey, Tristian.” I cant tell if my heart was pounding super hard because I see Tristian walking closer towards us or if both Jacob AND Tristian are literally within the same proximity as I am right now.

“Hey Marie” Tristian goes in to give Marie a hug, and she looks at me with her eyes opening up big as she takes him in. “Heyyyy uhh Tristian…”

“What are you two up to? I didn’t think I would randomly run into you both like this..”

“Oh…just shopping.” Marie says since she could tell I was still in shock. I hadn’t seen Tristian since the night he came over drunk. Professing his love to me. Oh gosh, he professed his love to me. Oh my goodness this is awkward. Jacob is right in that gym.

“You ok Jasmine?” I snap back, as I see Tristian grab my arm and look intensely at me with worry.

“Yeah!! Yeah..I was um, just thinking about what to get Marie’s mom for her birthday this weekend. Marie shouldn’t we be getting to that? The stores are gonna close before you know it, ha.” As I look at Marie, she nods at me and looks at Tristian. “Well it was cool running into you. Take care.” Marie grabs my arm and we turn around.

“Jasmine wait.” I turn back towards Tristian. Marie lets go of my arm. “Can we talk later? I just…I really want to talk to you.”

I nod at him. Part of me felt sad. That it had to be this way. Awkward and distant. It wasn’t us. It never had been. But ever since he decided to move on and break up with me, I just haven’t been able to see him the same way. And maybe it’s because I have a guard up now, protecting myself from falling all over again. Or maybe I really have started to move on..but I knew we needed to talk about it. “Yeah. I’ll see you later.”

He half smiled. “Sounds good.” As he started to walk into the gym. As he started to walk into the – wait. The gym?!?

“You go here??” I said as he’s almost in the door.

He backs out to look at me. “Uhh..yeah. I’m meeting with my trainer. Been going for a few months now.”

I hear Marie laughing and I turn towards her and scowl. I look back at him about to say something until he interrupts.

“Oh here he comes now.” As Tristian daps up someone behind the door.

I tilt my head to see a glimpse through the window. “Omg Marie….” I mumble.

“You are lyingggg!” As Marie busts out laughing when she realizes who it was.

“Who you talking to out there? Go get on the treadmill because last time you were late you missed out on your cardio Tristian.”

Tristian opens the door more wide so that his “trainer” officially sees me. “Just talking to uh…her. This is -”

“Jasmine?” Jacob says. “Wow. Didn’t think I would see you two times in one day.” He flashes a hard smile at me.

Tristian looks back and forth between us. “You two know each other?”

I wave at Jacob with a half smile.

“Yeah. We met this morning.” Jacob says. “I would hug you but I just ran on the treadmill.”

“ it’s okay. Um..go enjoy your workout.” As I hesitantly laughed and started walking backwards.

“Hii!! I’m Marie!!!” As she jumps in front of me to wave and grab Jacobs hand and shake it. “Her best friend. The best friend that she tells everything to. And I mean EVERYTHING.”

“Marie, come on!” As I groan while grabbing her arm.

“Where are y’all off to?” Jacob says.

“They have to go buy Marie’s mom a birthday gift.” Tristian says, still looking confused. “I’m sorry where did you guys meet this morning?”

Marie glares at Tristian. “None of your business Tristian!”

Jacob laughs. “Come on Tristian, lets get to training. It’s been 5 minutes since you’ve been standing in between the door.” Jacob grabs Tristian by the shoulders and pushes him in. Tristian walks in and goes to the treadmill. We start to walk past the gym until I hear my name again. I turn around and Jacob is jogging towards me.

“Hey um…here’s my number.” As Jacob hands over a small ripped paper. “I feel like this was a sign for me to get your number since I was stupid not to get it this morning. Text me.” And he winks at me as he jogs backwards and into the gym. I froze. I looked in through the windows slowly as I catch Tristian looking at me and looking away as he runs on the treadmill.

“I’m going to cancel my dinner tonight with my parents.” As Marie brings my head close to her chest and pushes us to walk away together in sync. “And we are going to grab a bottle of wine and some cheese and have a girls night in. Because you need it. Shoot, I need it after what just happened.”

I whimper. This stuff only happens in movies yet here I am – running into both Tristian and Jacob today, together. And what a twist it is to know they both know each other. “Can we make sure to get two bottles of roscato?” I ask Marie as I grab her hand and lean on her shoulder.

“Yes, we can. Just as long as I can grab your phone from you so you don’t text anyone while you’re intoxicated and regret it tomorrow.” Marie smiles at me. I grab my phone from my pocket and hand it over to her. “Do what you please.”

Author: alongcameshe

A 20-something year old trying to find the words to express the realest of the real when it comes to her rawest emotions in life. From experiences to life lessons to things she's passionate to, she experiments with her creative side by blogging her moments in life. As along her life came, along came she.

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